SciMingo believes that scientific research is the driving force of progress and is essential to meeting present and future challenges, from the current coronapandemic, to the climate crisis, to sustainable food supply. But to continue to fuel scientific progress, science must enjoy the widest popular trust and support.

SciMingo aims to support scientists to help them communicate to the public to the maximum extent possible. We want to make research and its importance clearer to the general public; to help make the results of research and scientific insights more accessible, thus helping to strengthen interest in and support for science in society.

In concrete terms, SciMingo wants to build a bridge between science, the press and the public by:

  • Stimulating and training researchers: SciMingo aims to sensitize and stimulate scientists to share their research with the public and to teach them how to communicate about science.
  • Promoting and popularizing science: SciMingo aims to promote and popularize science by bringing the research of young researchers at knowledge institutions to a wider audience.
  • Connecting science, press, and public: SciMingo wants to promote exchange between the press, scientists, and the public

In this way, we want to contribute to a new generation of young researchers who are aware of the importance of science communication and who invest in it from the start of their careers. In this way, we hope to help install a real culture of science communication in the academic world in due course. The ultimate goal is to maximise the transfer of scientific research to society and to strengthen public support for science.