INDEPENDENT. We are not linked to research institutions and operate independently of any political and economic influences or other interests. We respect the independence and integrity of the scientists we work with.

OPEN AND TRANSPARENT. We see science as a public good and therefore want to help citizens inform themselves as much as possible about scientific research. We believe in open science and try to contribute to it as an organization by making (the results of) scientific research as integrally open to the public as possible.

HOLISTIC. We do not limit science to the beta sciences or STEM. We open up the concept of 'science' broadly and look at the entire range of scientific disciplines, from astronomy to law and sociology to zoology. 

COLLABORATIVE. We strongly believe in the power of collaboration to promote the spread of scientific research in our society. We are open to collaborations that help realize our concrete objectives, but we are also committed to collaborations that serve and further professionalize the science communication sector. 

INCLUSIVE. In our projects, we want to see a reflection of the diversity (in all its facets) that is present in our society. We want, within our possibilities, to help increase that diversity in the academic world. 

INNOVATIVE. We believe that you can only remain relevant as an organization by constantly questioning and, where necessary, reinventing yourself. We, therefore, think it is important to experiment and innovate in order to come up with new, original and effective formats of science communication.