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New workshops at the SciComm Academy!

The new season of the SciComm Academy has been launched! Discover our new workshops and learn how to communicate about science on social media in our newest workshop. 

Do you want to share your research with a broader audience, but you're not sure where to start? Don't fret! With the help of partners like the Jonge Academie and Eos Magazine, SciMingo launches another season of workshops at the SciComm Academy. Learn how to communicate clearly about your research in a podcast, an article, a videopitch or an infographic with our hands-on workshops. 

New workshops: "Social media for researchers" and "Presenting on stage". 

Learn how to communicate about science on social media

Would you like to share your research with the online audience? Would you like to debunk myths in online debates? We will help you chose the right platform and tone of voice, and help you feel comfortable!

What's in it for you?

  • Get to know the "rules" of social media platforms: What works on which platform and why? The coach will guide you through the advantages and challenges of several platforms.
  • Find your place and audience: Step by step, you develop your own online identity and audience, guided by our coaches.
  • Build a network: You become part of a group of people with similar goals, on which you may count in the future.
Social Media

Rewatch our online lunch talks

Did you know we have free online lunch talks? Experienced science communicators share their tips and tricks in lectures and panel discussions. Discover our upcoming lunch talks or rewatch older ones (some in Dutch, some in English). 

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