Winner Flemish Thesis Prize 2023

Flemish Thesis Prize

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Every year tens of thousands of students graduate from our Flemish higher education institutions. At the end of their studies, they often write a thesis: the proverbial icing on the cake and a calling card for their professional career. Through the Flemish Thesis Prize, we give these works the attention they deserve.

Writing a thesis is a work of great effort and the result is often impressive and valuable. Yet we see that all too often these theses disappear in a dusty bookcase or in an inaccessible digital archive: in this way a rich source of information and up-and-coming talent remains hidden from the general public.

Thesis prize

Since 2002, last-year students at all Flemish colleges and universities are therefore given the opportunity to submit their thesis, accompanied by a clearly readable and fluent article, for the Flemish Thesis Prize.

The entries are assessed every year by an independent jury of experts (journalists, academics and publishers). At the annual prestigious award ceremony of the Flemish Thesis Prize, the judges honor the nominees and unveil the names of the winners.

All participants also receive their own page in the Flemish Thesis Bank. The Thesis Bank is a public database that is visited daily by hundreds of students, employers and journalists. More than 6,000 master's theses and professional bachelor's theses are now freely available.

Additional prices

In addition to the Flemish Thesis Prize, we award five valuable prizes, together with our partners:

Thesis newspaper

SciMingo promotes as many submitted works to the press as possible. Since 2013, we have also been releasing our own publication, the Vlaamse ScriptieKrant, in which a selection of submitted works are put in the spotlight. Today the Vlaamse ScriptieKrant is published four times a year. During the corona crisis of 2020, we switched to an interactive online version. In addition, one student edition is published annually, specifically aimed at graduates.